Public lighting has several features to think about when solving it. Above all, it serves for easy movement at night, creates a feeling of security and acts preventively against crime. It also serves in commercial and leisure activities in the municipality.

But it also has its pitfalls, and when not taken into account, it has a detrimental effect on its function. This is mainly a disruption of sleep mode, a waste of light, which leads to light pollution and, most importantly, draws unnecessary funds from the city budget.

How we deal with the implementation of modern public lighting

We have a comprehensive concept that not only solves savings, but also aims to make living in cities more pleasant. We rely on strategic documents and implement public lighting systematically with links to the wider involvement of lighting in the lives of residents.

With the implementation of modern public lighting, we mainly deal with the following issues:



Before the first lamp is built, we are working on a strategic lighting plan so that the investment has a long-term character with a view to further expansion. Similarly, another solution will be for communication, architectural lighting, lighting of sports grounds or large industrial areas.



With our project manager, we will plan your investments so that they have long-term meaning and the return is as fast as possible. The resulting project will be optimized for your specific situation: operation in individual parts of the municipality (number of resources and equipment, suitable optics).



With regard to your possibilities and needs, we will plan public lighting so that in the next steps it will be easy to connect to other requirements such as camera system, Wi-Fi, information signs, etc. You can read more about Smart public lighting solutions.



We pay attention to the appearance of the lamps so that they fit into the location. We develop the product portfolio hand in hand with real location needs (parks, historical parts, road lighting, etc.) We ideally cooperate with the city architect.

Social sphere and environment

Social sphere and environment

We comply with state-of-the-art regulations and regulations that take into account light smog, disturbing lighting and technical requirements. Thanks to LED lighting technology, the temperature/color of the light can be easily controlled. By adjusting the color of the light appropriately, we can achieve better sleep of the inhabitants, as well as increase safety on the roads.

Compliance with legal requirements

When dealing with the renovation of public lighting, we mainly comply with legal decrees

  • 86/2002 Coll. - Air Protection Act - concerns light pollution
  • 268/2009 Sb. (§10) - Decree on technical requirements for buildings - which includes public lighting
  • 183/2006 Sb. - Building law
  • 13/1997 Sb. - Law and roads
  • 104/1997 Coll. - Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which implements the Act on Roads
  • ČSN EN 13 201 - Set of standards Road lighting
  • ČSN EN 12464-2, Light and lighting - Lighting of work areas
  • ČSN 73 7507 Design of road tunnels

Management, operation, development and maintenance

Current status (no LEDs)

Current status
(no LEDs)

Restoration of public lighting (LED)

Restoration of public lighting

Smart public LED lighting

Smart public
LED lighting

Administrative overhead
Resource change
Maintenance service

Modern LED technology opens up a great future in many ways. First of all, it is saving on electricity, but also saving on service costs and the cost of replacing light modules. In the Czech Republic, the lights are lit approximately 4,100 hours a year. COB light module technology has a lifespan of more than 75,000 hours, that is, it lasts more than 18 years.

Other products for public lighting

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