By smart public lighting, we mean a complex system, including public lighting, to the extent of the now frequently mentioned term "Smart city". LED technology allows, by its very nature, a relatively simple way to increase the comfort of the inhabitants and safety. We deal with this topic on the public lighting page.

True Smart public lighting technology extends beyond the possibilities of adjusting the light depending on the time of year or hour.

We perceive public lighting in the Smart concept as:

Increase safety

Adaptive lighting control according to a specific location (park, intersection, pedestrian crossing, ...) with connection to other sensors that evaluate the amount of car traffic and pedestrians. Thanks to a smart solution, it is also possible to react to a change in the weather, such as fog or wet road. Installation of camera systems or other sensors.


The rods may contain charging stations for electric cars. Technically, we have everything ready, but various advances still need to be made in this field by network providers before this possibility can actually be realized.


Thanks to smart cameras and the right software, it is possible to monitor the occupancy of parking lots, parking spaces for the disabled or automatically charge parking fees.


By dynamically setting individual lights, local and global pollution can be achieved, not only light pollution.

Infrastructure expansion and further development.

Possibility of integration of rescue system, air quality detectors, communication elements for transport.

Smart public lighting target

We do not want to fill the streets with ultra-modern and luxurious technologies at all costs, we are looking for a really smart solution that will serve the inhabitants of the city, road users, while at the same time sensitively interfering with the environment.

Economics - administration, operation, development and maintenance

Current status (no LEDs)

Current status
(no LEDs)

Savings - Restoration of public lighting (LED)

Restoration of public lighting

Smart public LED lighting

Smart public lighting

Administrative overhead
Resource change
Maintenance service

Modern LED technology opens up a great future in many ways. First of all, it is saving on electricity, but also saving on service costs and the cost of replacing light modules. In the Czech Republic, the lights are lit approximately 4,100 hours a year. COB light module technology has a lifespan of more than 75,000 hours, that is, it lasts more than 18 years.

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