Public and industrial lighting

Company Q-EL PRO was founded in 2013. We produce and develop LED luminaires including biodynamic lights with control system or without. We use state-of-the-art technologies to illuminate especially roads, public spaces and industrial plants.

We are progressive in the field of IoT and application of this technology in practice.

The Smart Mayor´s Office is our implemented project in the CIIRC City Centre platform of the Czech Technical University in Prague. It is about controlling cities and municipalities from one place, a clear screen created to suit each municipality. IoT hub open to various data transfer variants, Lo-Ra, GSM, Sigfox, NB, etc.

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Q-LUX light SMD

Real advantages and possibilities of LED lighting

Thanks to the control software and wide possibilities of the solutions, such controlled lighting can be adapted to truly serve the inhabitants and visitors of cities and municipalities.

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48% savings
on electricity and service

100% Smart
central control, IP cameras, Wi-Fi, ...

100% technology
durability, high SMD/COB luminosity

LED lighting

Products and technologies

In the development and production of our lights, the light source is an essential part, where we use the latest SMD and COB technologies.

The second and no less important part of our lights is the use of a lens to adjust the asymmetrical luminous flow for the required lighting characteristics. These are lenses that adjust the luminous flux to the desired angles.

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Q-LUX light SMD