Q-LUX light SMD
Technical parameters QLX-X QLX-S QLX-M
Size (l.w.h) 430 / 223 / 131 542 / 255 / 144 598 / 286 / 144
Weight (kg) 4,3 6,9 10,5
Light source high power LED chips Samsung LH351B
CCT 2000 - 5000K
Power 20 - 150W
Control systems (optional) DALI, 0-10V, 1-10V, AST, ORT, LC, BiPower, Presence detector (corridor function) and Touch Control
(switch dim)- possibility of connection to the control system
Source current 200mA - 1250mA
Constant luminous flux 10 years without decrease in light intensity
Luminaire efficacy 150 lm/W
Number per circuit breaker circuit breaker B - 10/16/20/25pc - B10/B16/B20/B25
circuit breaker C - 17/27/33/42pc - C10/C16/C20/C25
Surge resistance until 10kV
Power supply 220 – 277V/50Hz
  Ra > 70 – possible and > 80
Optics lenses of asymmetrical shape according to IES measuring matrix for calculation, material PMMA, STRADA 2x2
Optical cover tempered glass, replaceable
Impact resistance IK09
Tightness level IP66
Electrical I. (II. On request)
Operation without tools Opening the cover, replacing the power supply
Safe maintenance voltage disconnector - when the luminaire is opened, the power supply is disconnected
Luminaire construction material die-cast aluminum ADC12 with surface treatment, without ribs
Color gray RAL 7015 nebo RAL 7035, or on request
Operating temperature range -40°C ≤ till ≤ +50°C
Lifetime L / B L80/B50, L 70/B50: 100 000 h
Maintenance lifetime sealed optical module, no internal cleaning required
Installation adjustable holder: angle -15° + 15°, diameter 60 mm, mounting on the mast and boom
More information the luminaires are ready for installation